Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute, with registration number 39571 and national ID 14006153274 , after reviewing legal systems in developed countries and modeling from reputable law firms around the world with the participation and consultation of an expert and well-qualified team of lawyers and beneficiaries of justice, New gains in knowledge management and review of existing examples in developed countries “with the slogan of professionalism”; intelligent management of the law firm and arbitration ensures the fairness of the quality of consultations and follow up of your cases.

Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute, has significant experience and resume in all the fields presented, and in all areas of its work, it has specialized organizations and professional guidelines that believe and practice «Expertise, collective wisdom, and continuous follow-up» and after careful scientific and practical study, develops and operates the best judicial, law and order solution.

All services at this institution have specific tariffs and meticulous indicators in evaluating quality and service.

To provide a piece of continuous and direct information and easy access to the client’s case and answer to potential questions, arrangements have been made by the Institute, which is a pioneer in providing extensive services to esteemed clients.

Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute, is a familiar name for prominent individuals, celebrities and artists.

Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute, is managed and administered by Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nemati, Ph.D. in Private Law with 20 years of legal experience and a Ph.D. in Strategic Management.

Special services of the institute management

  1. Establishment and administration of legal circles of organizations, banks, law firms, registration offices
  2. Temporary and annual consultation agreement with natural and legal persons
  3. Consulting on contracts and attending in personally and in absentia meetings
  4. Advice on Social Security Labor Claims
  5. Developing and consulting national and international contracts
  6. Claims
  7. Keeping track of receivables
  8. Performing proxy matters in courts and arbitration
  9. Studying legal cases
  10. Legal Solutions

Along with the legal expertise, the use of management principles in legal procedures has led to a huge and positive development in the juridical solutions and ultimately to overtake other competitors in the field, with an average of 80% success in litigation (criminal and legal), has blazed the star of the institute.

Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute, is a collection of senior attorneys in law, expert masters and superior law experts with subcategories.

Our colleagues at the Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute, believe that with the complexity of personal, social and organizational relationships in today’s world and the rise of various issues and problems in public and private gatherings, the need to consult with one or more of the senior attorneys in law and Experts and relevant specialists are required before doing anything that involves a financial or accrual pack. Samin Edalat law and arbitration institute, by promoting the quality of services in the field of legislation and legal counseling, is a fundamental and required component of your dears. It is anyhow better to consult and support by a law firm with more than 60 basic senior attorneys in law than to consult and support by one.

Your legal issues and problems will be addressed and resolved by sharing legal materials and providing legal advice and acceptance at the Samin Edalat law and arbitration institute.



Working Missions of Samin Edalat      

a.      Legal advice and supervision to contracts of companies, business, industrial and industrial entities and businessmen with other persons or attorneyship in criminal and family law cases

b.     Attending in law firm of corporates and providing legal counseling and legal services full-time or part-time

c.      Attorneyships in Contract Lawsuits; Claims; Issues; Business Issues of Businessmen

d.     Establishment and management of circles of organizations; banks; offices and law firms

e.     Consulting on contracts and attending in absentia and personally meetings

f.       Counseling in employment and social security (insurance)

g.      Forming and consulting national and international contracts

h.     Keep tracking of receivables

i.        Referral of judgment and issuance of argued and reasoned opinions

j.        Criminal and real estate lawsuits of foreign nationals

k.      Meetings and Dispute Resolutions with Ministries and Individuals and Legal Entities

Client’s legal charter

To improve the quality of services, Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute has initiated the design and regulation of the legal charter of clients as follows:   

a. The client has the right to request the necessary information at any time from the Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute about his / her career progression.

b.  The client has the right to receive the necessary information about the type of actions or other methods to be understood before commencing the steps and implementing the suits and to give his opinion in writing.

c.The client has the right to ensure that the contents of the records and the results achieved are kept private to protect his / her privacy

All task processes are electronic-based

Highly demanding ((legal consultations, appointments, phone calls, emails, texts, tickets and lawsuits)) ,Strong and reliable infrastructure for managing communications, requests, notifications, finances, situation determination of each request and case And all inside organization processes are managed by the comprehensive automation implemented by the IT department, which acts a key role in performing assigned tasks and tracking responsibilities. On the other hand, clients, after being logged in to this system, monitor and manage all their affairs in the shortest possible time.

Observing a culture of respect for clients and esteemed Referrers

A smile is a universal language that people around the world understand.

   The issue of honoring and satisfying the client is one of the most important topics that are discussed today in all public and private institutions.

This is one of our most important religious teachings, and is placed in the verses of the Quran of the verse “ ولقد کرمنا بنی آدم… ” in Surah al-Asrah until God’s command to the great Prophet of Islam to speak to the servants in the best way on that word given.

 The scientific examples of the tribute are the same prophetic and imams’ methods that have been repeatedly mentioned in the Islamic texts.

The legal system that is tasked with establishing justice and equity, and the lawyer who has vowed to defend his client’s rights, comes from the same legal system. It is, therefore, necessary to obtain the satisfaction and honor of the clients and referrals of Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute.

Protection of clients’ information and secrets

One of the most important cares of clients is their privacy and identity. The organization is committed to the characteristics and information of its clients and considers the interests of its clients to be at the highest level of service in the organization.

We hope to always take a small step forward for a better future not only for the institute but also for the legal community as we pursue our ideas and sayings.

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