A criminal or retributive complaint is a complaint against a person who has
committed an offense and is considered a criminal offense under the law and
the judge shall impose a punishment. A criminal complaint does not have any
specific form and does not require a special form like lawsuits. However, it is
better to read the style of the complaint and it is better to have it filed by
criminal lawyers

a. A criminal case relates to an act that the court determines to 

committed, but does not imply a punishment for a lawsuit, and only 

requires the perpetrator to give others legal rights or perform their 


b. A criminal complaint can be recorded in any paper and forwarded to a 

judicial authority, but a legal complaint must be recorded in a separate 

paper in the name of the appeal, otherwise it will not be accepted.

c. Many criminal claims do not close even after the plaintiff has 

withdrawn (such as bribery, murder, adultery, etc.), but legal 

complaints are terminated by the plaintiff’s retraction. 

d. In criminal cases, the complainant is called the plaintiff. The opposite 

side is called the accused and the case is also called accusation. But in 

legal complaints, the complainant is called demander. His opposite 

side is called the desired and the subject of the case is called Wish.

e. A summon sheet will be sent to the accused to invite him to court, but 

the court will use a sheet called a warning sheet to invite the desired 

to the legal complaint

The process of criminal complaints is first brought in the court. This means
that a complaint first should be written to the prosecutor. Next, you should
present full details (name, address, etc.) about your opponent, and attach
your papers to the complaint report.

One of the most important issues that clients are involved in the separation 

of the two titles for success in the judiciary, and knowing their differences is 

very effective. 

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