Real estate litigation is one of the topics in litigation and criminal cases. This collection covers a variety of topics. Such as a lawsuit requiring the document to be set, the obligation to obtain an end, commitment, obligation to obtain separate meeting minutes, evacuation of commercial and residential property, claim goodwill, The right to gain experience, prescribe transfer of
interest, eviction, fix duress, removal of harassment and removal of secession, real estate delimitation and so on.

A joint estate is a property that is shared between several persons and is used against that estate. Two or more people may be real estate partners without their share of limits and specifications. This is the common property between the owners, and if the owners have agreed to separate and the different parts for each of the partners, in other words, in return for the common share, they have assigned a specific part of the property to the particular owner. We call it Mafrooz.
The term is used against the commonwealth when it is intended, in terms of the Regulations, to separate one part of the ownership of one of the partners from that of the other in the given property. That is, if several people each own a portion of the property and wish to disclose their share to operate independently, that property must be divided by the proportion of the owners’ share among them.

Features of a real estate lawyer

In addition to the general features of a lawyer, a real estate lawyer must be a specialist in the field of real estate and have full knowledge of civil procedure law as well as professional law and contract law. Those lawsuits and criminal cases that are somehow their subject matter are called estate lawsuits.

Contract specialist lawyer

A civil affairs lawyer is a lawyer specializing in regulating international and commercial contracts, arranging marriages, appointing arbitrators in family contracts and disputes, insurance matters, inheritance division, and interests.

In addition to the general characteristics of the lawyer, the civil lawyer must be an expert in the field of real estate and have full knowledge of the law of civil procedure as well as professional in the field of private law and contracts.

Advice and acceptance of a lawyer

Anyone may refer a real estate lawyer to a real estate transfer contract to exercise their property rights as well as to arrange and sign documents and contracts.

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