Attorneyship for Iranians Abroad

One of the major problems facing Iranians abroad is the pursuit of their required administrative and legal affairs in Iran. From pursuing graduate affairs in Iranian universities to pursuing legal affairs in various departments.
These pursuits require plenty of time and energy. From anywhere in the world, you can outsource the necessary administrative and legal matters to experts in the Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute in Iran so that they can be executed in the fastest time and with the least money and time.
Because of the wide variety of administrative claims, you must first submit your request in the relevant sections and fully explain your demand. Then the legal experts at Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute will review your request and provide you with the required documents, duration of work and cost estimates. Upon final approval by you, the required administrative task will be done and the relevant documents will be sent to you.

Iranians residing abroad, irrespective of their status abroad, which may be immigration, residence, education or asylum, have legal and material interests in Iran that require the introduction of a lawyer. These individuals may be in contact with a lawyer to sell or rent or manage their wealth or legal problems that arise for their property in Iran, or family matters or other legal matters. Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute by providing specialized services including foreign and criminal aliens’ affairs, alien’s real estate and litigation affairs and litigation with ministries and legal persons, to these dear ones, can serve them.


In terms of divorce, too, if Iranians are out of the country and want to get divorced, divorce laws should be entered into under Iranian law. Divorce currency required Knowledge of Iranian Laws and Consultation with Iranian Lawyers.


Marriage statute of Iranians living abroad are subject to Iranian law. That is to say, from the viewpoint of marriage, they must obey the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and since the distance and lack of familiarity with the laws of Iran can be problematic for them, they can be represented by a lawyer working in Iran and is familiar with Iran’s laws.

Capacity of persons

Since the capacity of any person to deal with is a matter of his or her  government law, if a person of Iranian nationality conducts a business  abroad, he or she is subject to the laws of Iran in respect of the capacity in  which the action is substantially affected. And it has to deal with knowledge of the rules of capacity in Iran, and that knowledge of the laws requires consultation with Iranian lawyers of Samin Edalat.

Contracts execution

Contractual obligations are subject to the location of the contract. Therefore, if a contract is achieved abroad, it will be subject to the laws of that place even though the parties to the contract are Iranian. The same contract cannot be implemented on time if it is contrary to ethics or is offended by public opinion or for some other reason contrary to public order. Understanding issues related to public order in Iran requires familiarity with Iranian law, which will necessitate a lawyer familiar with Iranian law to play a more effective and appropriate implementation of these contracts.

Law governing immovable property

Therefore, if a document is set up outside Iran and the people who are designated to be Iranian and wish to enforce these documents in Iran, they should consult with Iranian lawyers who are familiar with Iranian law to be benefited from the benefits of legalizing their votes in Iran.

Law governing the inherited estate

Since inheritance issues and the deceased are related to personal status, in the event of the death of an Iranian national who lives abroad, his or her inheritance types will be subject to Iranian law and since knowledge of Inheritance and inheritance rights require the acquaintance of these laws, the need to have a lawyer who oversees and manages the deceased’s existing assets in Iran is increasingly sensible. So you need to do this by appointing a lawyer before you die.

?Are you an Iranian resident abroad and need legal services inside Iran

The Samin Edalat Law and Arbitration Institute, with its experienced legal team and many years of experience in the field of law, is now ready to provide a variety of legal services to Iranians abroad. Your distance from Iran is only one lawyer. Contact Samin Justice Law Consultants right now: 02126711301

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